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Specializing in Precut Pallet Stock and Industrial Lumber
Maxwood Lumber Ltd. has been proudly serving the pallet and box industry since 1986.

With the growing number of nailing machines, and fewer products being produced by hand, quality lumber to produce pallets, skids, and boxes without all of the manual sorting was desperately needed.  Maxwood has devised a system which takes care of all of the sorting and waste.  What you are left with is sound uniform economy lumber safe enough to put into most automatic nailing machine. 

We are large enough to handle any order, but small enough that we are able to customize that order specifically to your company's needs.  We believe that each of our customers are different and unique.  We understand that all crating material is not the same.  We have the capability to produce hundreds of different sizes to meet your specifications.  We produce notched, dressed, and rough lumber.  We are also fully HT Certified which is so important in today's growing export community.

However, because we are a wholesaler we sell mostly in truckload quantities (with some part load exceptions).  Although we have the capability to produce many different sizes, to keep our manufacturing costs low, we are able to ship mixed truckloads with different sizes, but are only able to do one size per bundle.
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